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Friday, 20 January 2017

Here is the CraftyEnjoyments Design Team

My life runs alongside beloved and patient man, who is my husband for many many years. 
I have three wonderful children.
Ever since I can remember, different projects were born in my head.  The first were little houses, which I performed using shoe boxes with small furniture inside made from matchboxes. I loved to play in a toolshed, among hammers, chisels and screws. I think that is the reason I still like construction works. My mother taught me to knit, and instilled the love of poetry. I wrote my first poem at the age of 11 years. I also like doing makeups and hair cutting.
All my free time I spend on the projects that occur in my head. 
Sometimes there are jumpers or hairdos, sometimes cards and another time bigger challenges. 
I take the Craftyenjoyments project very seriously. 
Working on it gives me a lot of satisfaction and joy. Thanks to this project I meet many very interesting people every day, for whom making creations is the passion. 
I love to create using products I offer. It is much easier for me to express myself when I use them. I am very happy that I can give this opportunity to others.
Hugs Ewa

Hi, my name is Margie 
I started crafting in 2010 when my daughter asked me if I would
make the stationary for her wedding,  invitations etc and from that 
moment I became addicted. 
I  love everything papercraft in 
particular cardmaking.
 I craft most days and get real pleasure from it.
Here is Margie's BLOG. and  my page on Facebook
Have a great evening xxx

Hi  my name is Monika, I’m a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters. I have started making ''stuff'' form paper over 2 years ago. At first it was just to make card for friends and family for special occasions. After a bit of encouragement form a very good friend I have started my own BLOG
Now paper craft is my passion, something that relax me after work and a bit of me timeJ
You can view my work on Facebook too.
I hope that my work will inspire you as well.

Hi my name is Malwina.
I love scrapbooking and cardmaking for any occasion.
My scrapbooking journey started in 2014.
First thing I made was Baptism Invitations for my daugther then I fall in love with it.
Just create and craft!
Take a minute and visit my page on Facebook and my BLOG 

I'm Jan Thompson & I live in the Uk with my lovely husband and our furbaby Fluffy. 
I absolutely love crafting and have done so since I was taught to knit at 6 years old. 
My main passion is for paper/card. 
I like to share the things I make on my BLOG and Social Media.
xx Jan

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