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Friday 24 August 2018

Foamiran roses - tutorial

Hello. Today I want to show you how I make foamiran roses without using cuting dies.

We need foamiran (I used silk foamiran), stencil, toothpicks, soft pastels, a sponge, a water sprayer, aluminum foil or styrofoam beads, hot glue.
If we use silk or cold foamiran, it is enough to heat the hands for forming. The Iranian foamiran must be heated on the iron.
For dye foamiran you can also use oil pastels or pigment inks.

Take a look here Foamiran roses - tutorial  to see step by step how to make foamiran roses 

Mungyo Artists` Soft Pastels 48

I hope you try to create flowers.

 Have a nice day...


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