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Wednesday 4 November 2020

Yummy-yummy sugary cupcake

 Hello everyone

I would like to share with you my new card in a box. 

Two weeks ago my daughter asked me to make something really-really special for her friend's birthday party. So I decided to discard the idea of a standard rectangular shape and to fantasise a little bit. 

Being on quarantine and not being able to spend all free time with your friends is always very sad. And when girls are sad they crave something really sweet. So for greeting card  I have chosen the shape of a yummy-yummy sugary cupcake. 

Since this card is for a girl, I decided to use paper from collection ScrapBoys 'Loveland'  in which gentle and  pastel colours prevail. 

I added a bit of volume with tender flowers from foamiran and various cardstock cutouts: leaves, magnolias and also decided to place cute small bird in the centre. I used smaller cupcakes made from cardstock cutouts and clay to make the whole cupcake much more yummy!  

I hope you like it!

To make this card I used

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