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Friday, 27 July 2018

Step by step the peony flower.

Hi it`s Ewa here
I have prepared a tutorial on how to make step by step the peony flower .

The center was made of a white foam strip about 30 cm long.
I cut the strip for thin strips.
I colored their ends with yellow oil pastels.

I warmed the strips with an iron and twisted .

The 30 cm strap was rolled up and glued together.

Cutting petals.

I prepared the petals templates according to the pattern.

The edges of the petals were stained with soft oil pastel.

I warmed the edges of the petals with iron and twisted

Cold foamiran extends well.

I made each petal using a wooden ball.

I began to glue the petals from the smallest to the largest.

I covered the stalks with cold porcelain.

Have a nice weekend

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