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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar - DIY Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Today I would like to show you something really special.

This is a Christmas tree Advent calendar.

One of the main features of it (except its coolness) it can be easily disassembled and can be used many timesFor sweet (and not only) gifts I used small boxes that can be easily removed and attached back.
The calendar is made in pastel colours and decorated with handmade poinsettias.
I was very impressed with the result I got and that is why I decided to share its assembly tutorial with you.

Assembly Manual 

We take two sheets of A3 cardboard with thickness 1500 microns and 945 gsm. Thiner one can make your Christmas tree too flimsy. And cut out two blanks as shown in the figure.

Next, cut it out in the way shown in the figure.

We paste over both blanks using strips of paper (160-200 gsm) 1 inch wide (25.4 mm)
Next, we need to check if one blank can be connected well to the second (rotated 90degrees).

Cut 8  blanks from desired scrapbooking paper a little less than board blanks.

Cut out circles from thick card paper (200-300 gsm) with a diameter of 1" (25.4 mm) and make a 1/8" (3 mm) hole in them. They will be holding our boxes.

Next, we install eyelets with circles on our blanks as shown in the photo.
Then we glue our craft  paper blanks on cardboard blanks.

Now let's get down to the boxes.
First, you need to take 7 1/2 "x 5" paper (160-200gsm) and score them as shown in the photo.

Fold and cut off as in the photo.

Fold two long tails to create a grip for the circle

And you need to do that 24 more times. Hope you enjoy that process 😉

As a result, we’ve got 25 boxes measuring 2x2x1 inches. Let's decorate them as you wish.

For decorating a Christmas tree, we cut out blanks for flowers.
Then we tint them and form lush flowers from 2 or 3 blanks of a flower and stamens.

Now it remains to apply boxes and decorate the tree with poinsettias and whatever you want to see on your Christmas Tree.
Hope the person you gift it will enjoy your cute bunch of surprises on your perfect Christmas tree.  
Merry Christmas!

To make this advent calendar I used

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